Travel guide – Bali #2 [ENGLISH]

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Continuation of Bali’s trip

Titre canggu seminyak gili

After Ubud, let’s have a look to CANGGU [pronounced « tchangou »] and SEMINYAK, two cities in southwestern Bali dedicated to healthy food and surfing.

Gili Islands, three islands off the north-west coast of Lombok (I invite you to read my previous article for the description of the trip and the tourist explanations) are also very nice to stay there and to eat healthy.



In Bali, yoga is an institution, because yes, having a physical hygiene is essential to being healthy, but we don’t have to neglect the mental hygiene that is as much important. Yoga acts on both levels : body and mind. Yoga schools can be found all over Bali, the Gili Islands and Lombok. You just have to check the schedule online (everyone is very well connected over there!) and you go there at the desired time and pay for a course, or for several courses. Almost all of the yoga places offer pass with decreasing prices, do not hesitate to ask for information.

Where to do yoga in Canggu ?


The Practice, Canggu, Bali

Where to do yoga in Gili Trawangan ?

Collage flyhigh
Fly High Yoga on the beach, Gili T, Lombok


On Gili Trawangan, sunrise time, Lombok

Where to do yoga in Gili Air ?


H2O Yoga, Gili Air, Lombok

Where to do yoga in Kuta Lombok ?


Mawun beach, south Lombok (take a driver to go there!)


Where to eat in Canggu ?

Collage Canggu 2

The two pictures on the left are in Café Veda, and the one on the right in Avocado Café, Canggu, Bali.

 Collage canggu bis

Form left to right, Betelnut Café, Shady Shack et some fresh fruits bought on the market to eat during the day. Canggu, Bali.

Where to eat in Seminyak  ?

Collage shelter insta

Shelter Seminyak, pics from instagram

Where to have a drink in Seminyak ?

Where to eat in Gili Air ?

Collage captain organic gili air

Captain coconuts Gili Air, pics from intagram

Where to eat in Gili Trawangan ?

Where to eat in Bingin beach ?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form.

And if you test it, do not hesitate to tell me which is your favorite! For my part, the top 3 is:




Collage gili air ghest

Fruity breakfast at my ghest house in Gili Air


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